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Read This Letter To Discover How You Can Truly Work From Home And Make Your First $1,000. 
“At Last… A Real Opportunity That Allows You To Make Money On The Internet WITHOUT Creating Your Own Product, Handling The Tedious Customer Support, Doing Any Product Fulfilment Or Any Hiring Staff – I’ll Show You How To Make Money Online Easily By Selling Other People’s Product!”


Today’s date:

Dear Friend,

In this letter, I’m going to share with you the secrets on how to start making money online — no more “push button” software nonsense, fake paid surveys, online MLM scams and so on. But instead, the legitimate proven way to start an internet business and make a great deal of money from the internet, even without your own product or knowing what to sell.

The good news is, *everyone* can do this, it’s even open for a newbie.

Here’s why…

You see, there are literally thousands of websites on the internet hungrily looking for people to promote their e-products and in return, paying out to them a hefty amount of commission. THIS IS your opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and make money online as an ”affiliate marketer”, WITHOUT ever worrying what to sell or how to deliver it. As far as I’m concerned, this is the easiest method to start an internet business.

With that said, I’m referring to you creating a steady online income by promoting free affiliate programs available on the net. There are people who make a 6-figure income per year with just affiliate marketing. In fact, that’s how I made my first dollar online.

Just by chance if you’re a newbie to this game and do not know what an affiliate program is, here’s a brief explanation…

Affiliate programs (also called Referral Programs or Partnership Programs) are essentially commission-based sales schemes. You recommend a site to your website visitors and pick up a given percentage of any sales that those visitors generate. This percentage of sales is considered as an affiliate commission. You benefit from the commission and the site benefits from the sales it wouldn’t otherwise have made if it wasn’t for you, as an affiliate marketer.

For a simple explanation, if you tell me to buy a book from by using your “affiliate link” that’s wholly provided by to you, you’ll get paid between 4 -12% affiliate commission – Just by RECOMMENDING it. And I’m not talking about books alone. I’m talking about different kinds of products under the Sun that you could ever imagine! From small to large online websites like, American Express,, Citibank, HP, Fujitsu, etc, they all have their own affiliate programs for you to join for absolutely FREE. It’s 100% legit –’s a public listed company after all.

The beauty of making money from affiliate programs is that:

  • You don’t need to stock up on product inventory
  • You don’t need to handle any of the customer support/inquiries
  • You don’t need to set up the websites to sell the products
  • You don’t need to setup the intricate payment gateway
  • You don’t need to handle any refunds
  • You don’t need to create your own product
  • You don’t need to fulfil any products upon receiving orders
  • You don’t need to hire any staff and,
  • You don’t even need an office to successfully operate this business.

You can just work at home and make thousands of dollars each month. Best of all, your only cost is very low to run a money-making affiliate marketing business. All that you’re ever required to do is to ‘REFER’ and get paid upon customer actions required.

“You literally can sign up for an affiliate program for free in less than 5 minutes and join in this business to start making money online!”

Isn’t that amazing?

Comparing it to conventional ways of starting a business, affiliate marketing businesses allow you to begin making money within the next 24 hours.

What if… for the next SIX WEEKS of my time, I’ll teach you to make money online with solely affiliate marketing… how to earn an unlimited income WITHOUT creating any of your own products, but simply by selling products which others have ploded their hardwork and thousands of dollars into creating?

Plain truth: I’ve personally made lots more money from selling other people’s products than my own products, especially when I first started out. This model is one of the easiest and quickest way to make money from the internet.

The only reason why many affiliate marketers fail to make a living selling other people’s products is this: They do not know the closesly-guarded “SECRET” that I know. It took me years and an absolute fortune to know all of these affiliate marketing “tricks”.


The 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program

You will discover “all facts, no theory” methods during this 6 week affiliate coaching program… everything you need to know about setting up your very own, successful, affiliate marketing business that churns out money from thin air in niche markets. I’ll even pinpoint to you what niche market you should start off with.

It really is that easy if you know the methods and strategies I’ve used, currently using and will certainly be using in the future. Imagine being able to become a super affiliate in no time at all, cashing in on affiliate commissions without ever working ‘hard’.

You’ll be taught how to find your niche market on the internet and the affiliate programs that are best to promote.

Then for the rest of training, I’ll be teaching you how to promote your affiliate link to make some serious money on the internet. It really can’t get any easier than that. On top of that, I’ll share with you other affiliate marketing tactics and strategies during the coaching program. Last but not least, I’ll teach you how to start it as an ONLINE BUSINESS that can continue to generate income for you, even in years to come.

Here’s How The Coaching Program Is Being Delivered
And Facilitated For Maximum Results:

You’ll get various PDF modules each week that will guide you throughout the whole six weeks, they’re jam-packed with training – ALL STEP-BY-STEP. Nothing is left out. And at the end of each week, you’ll be given assignments you need to complete.

The goal here is to spend just 5 – 6 hours a week to start making money from the internet quickly. Now, it could take you more than 5 – 6 hours at the beginning, because you’re using most of your time to learn rather than sell, but as you learn more, you’ll spend much less time.

At the same time, during the six weeks of coaching, you’ll be given SIX WEEKS of full coaching access. Basically, we’ll answer any of your questions inside of the coaching area that are related to the content found within and my “trade secrets” revealed in the program. If you know the value of this, you’ll be jumping with sheer excitement right now.

Powerful Bonuses!

The coaching program also include bonuses, which will be delivered within the modules accordingly. They include:

  • Blogging software
  • Professional blog themes
  • Advance affiliate link cloaking software
  • Squeeze page creator software
  • Additional PDF Reports
  • And others

These tools and software will help you to accelerate your affiliate marketing success (and also save you hundreds of dollars!).


“Patric, I’ve Seen And Signed up For Affiliate
Coaching Program Before But Failed.”

Seriously, I don’t know what kind of coaching that is, and more importantly, how it’s being structured.

The 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program is not the type of coaching program where the content comes from interviews with “gurus” for you to listen to. Nor does it contain tons of theories like how to create review sites to promote affiliate programs or general SEO tips for driving big traffic. I’m not saying those are BAD methods, but it doesn’t leave the student with a ‘blueprint’ to follow in the future. Get what I mean? It doesn’t connect the dots, so to speak.

And most of the time, the coach doesn’t provide any of his real sites for you to see or copy from. You might be surprised that most of them probably don’t HAVE EVEN ONE because they make money solely by selling the coaching program to you.

Remember, the content revealed in this coaching program is based on what I’ve used before, or I’m currently using or going to use in the future for my affiliate marketing business. It’s being structured as a STEP-BY-STEP COACHING PROGRAM. It’s based on how I’ve taught people before in my live workshops.

You’ll be taught the EXACT ways how to get started right to the end, as if I’m talking to you one-on-one. Let me ask you this question…

“Have you ever attended a seminar with 10 speakers teaching you about internet marketing?”

I have, and I think it’s cool. I’ll gain ten new concepts and ideas rather easily about internet marketing.

But the BIG PROBLEM is, I won’t know what to do with those ideas when I get home, since I haven’t mastered internet marketing yet. There’s no head and tail.

That’s the same problem with most other coaching programs. They give you a lot of valuable content, but you just can’t start it all off. That’s frustrating.

But in my 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program, I’ll teach you how to get started, how to make money with affiliate marketing and how to grow your whole online business. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

Should you sign up today? Well, if you’re in any of these groups…

  • You don’t have your own product to sell online, but you want to make money online
  • You are a newbie who wants to earn your first $1,000 from the internet FAST, in much less than 30 days
  • You want to make money online and yet, you don’t want to deal with the customers and product creation problems faced
  • You want to create multiple internet income streams (But this means, you already have existing online or offline business)
“What About If You’re Already Quite ‘Advanced’ In Internet Marketing?”

Truthfully, it really depends on how you classified the word “advanced”. I’ve seen people on the internet claiming to be advanced marketers and yet, they can hardly make a dime on the internet.

I know this for a fact, because I personally KNOW AND HAVE MET A LOT of them. You see, knowing and doing are completely two different animals. If you’re in the “knowing” category, I highly recommend that you sign up now. And if you’re in the “doing” category, I’ll hazard a guess that you’ll get twice the value from the 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program, mainly because you’ll be able to pick up the tips, techniques and strategies at twice the speed! Secondly, you’re going to get coaching from us. So, let me just put it this way – if you do not yet have a system to consistently make at least $1,000 a month, then you may not be found in the “advanced” group yet.

Would You Want To “Write” Your Own Checks Each Month For Income Increment?

I’ll be teaching you throughout how to be a successful affiliate marketer that allows you to decide when you want a “salary” raise. Instead of hoping that your boss will increase your salary by the end of this year, why not use these strategies to increase your affiliate sales online – each and every MONTH! If you didn’t know yet, affiliate marketing is a legitimate multi-million dollar industry… not some sort of ponzi scam or small short-term gain.

I could easily charge you $997 for this coaching program. And that’s not some random number I’ve plucked from the sky. It’s based on what my other clients are paying me for my time, knowledge and experience and and the value you’re gaining from such a coaching program.

I would have stuck to that amount, but I’m going to knock off $500 for just 20 students to take action right now.

Call me old-fashion, but I’d like to walk down memory lane here a little bit – the time when I was in your shoes, when I was first starting out with learning.

You see, when an opportunity knocks on my door, I realized that I was always the fortunate enough person who would answer it. And each time I acted on it with my gut feeling that this is the ONE, I was always given a better value, like a deep discount. Now I want to extend that same privilege to you for acting fast – A whopping $500 discount.

I like to teach those people who can make their smart decisions FAST and take subsequent actions to be successful when the opportunity comes knocking on their door. It makes their life easier, because smart people are easy to teach success. Don’t you think so? Basically, I don’t want to attract those tire-kickers.

So your investment to signup for the “6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program” is only an affordable $497 for spending 6 weeks of your time immersing my affiliate marketing strategies and methods. Plus, your six weeks of access include us to review your assignment and progresses.

I’m sure there are many people who will conduct and sell to you all sort of “internet marketing” coaching programs as well. But I really don’t know how many of them are actually making a decent income online.

In this coaching that you want to signup to, I’ll be personally sharing with you what has been proven to work before by putting my credibility on it. You can signup to ANY OTHER internet marketing coaching program that you want, and I won’t try to convince you that mine is better. I mean, I’ve seen internet marketing courses going for as low as $47! Heck, there are even “gurus” selling their “affiliate coaching program” for a measly $97. I’m not upset if you want to take that route, because the difference here is, I walk the talk of what I teach.


That’s me accepting the FIRST ever Internet World Summit’s Live Challenge trophy with the co-founders, Tom Hua and Brett McFall. On the17th November 2006, I was challenged to show them real life proof that I am able to make serious money online on demand. Within 72 hours, I demonstrated this in front of live audience how to make $36,316.65 USD from a very low-cost product, a $49.95 product. Now we’re in 2014 – imagine how much I’ve “grown” since then. New strategies and methods.


 Patric Chan, invited to speak in London

 Below is a screenshot of Paypal payment I’ve received in a month…



Unedited Testimonial from Robert G. Allen:

robertAllenHi, my name is Robert Allen and I’m the bestselling author of some New York Times bestsellers you might have heard of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams Of Income, Multiple Streams Of Internet Income, The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking The Millionaire Code and Cash In A Flash.

I’ve written lots of bestselling books, but when I want to learn how to make money on the internet, I talk to Patric Chan. He is amazing!

I partnered with him to teach me how I can make some money, literally pulling money out of the internet like you need to do.

And so, if you really want to trust somebody who knows exactly what he’s doing, to teach you how you can make serious money on the internet, Patric Chan is your guy.

This is Robert Allen, do it! He’s awesome.

Are you finally serious about making money from the internet? You should be. If yes, then I have some further good news for you below…

An Extra $200 Instant Discount!

With the instant $200 discount, you can now signup for a one-time affordable investment of $997 $297 today.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“I will personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to learn, follow the instructions and determine to benefit from the coaching program, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to make money from the internet as an affiliate marketer.

That’s right, but if you are not 100% satisfied for whatever reason, let me know within the next 60 days and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle 100% refund of your investment. Plus, you get to keep all of the training purchased for free, just for your trouble taken with evaluating my coaching program.

I’m taking all of your risk to make sure that you can be wildly successful. It’s as simple as that.” – Patric Chan

Everything has been laid out in front of your eyes and I guess, here’s the part where I’ll need to ask you to signup and pay. It sounds blunt, doesn’t it? It may sound that way, but the truth is, I don’t feel that at all because I know the kind of world-class value that YOU’RE GOING TO GET out of me.

So here are my reasons why you should not even consider delaying a single minute, for your own benefit of course:

  1. Signup now to save a whopping $700 in total. This point alone is self-explanatory, and a great reason for you to signup instantly.
  2. Only 20 seats are available. There are only so many hours in each day and so many people we can personally offer our attention to. So, in order to limit the number of hours of email support we can provide each person, we can only accept 20 clients for this exact reason. Remember, I need to fully focus on MY OWN online businesses as well (Although I like helping you, my priority is always my own work).
  3. If you miss this boat today, there’s no promise of another intake soon. Honestly, I’m doing this because I love to help you, and other people. But there are times where I’ll just get lazy and won’t be doing another intake for a while.
  4. Price might be different the next time — Perhaps a higher price. I don’t think it’ll remain the same price later on. From a business point of view, if I can charge $997, why would I charge you $297? It’s just simple common sense.
  5. No Upsells. You won’t see any “one-time offers” from me, no more courses about affiliate marketing to buy, etc. This is a complete system – you just need The 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program to get started and then finished.

THIS IS A COACHING PROGRAM with interactive support directly from me and my team and it’s limited to just 20 clients per intake. You’ll get a complete blueprint within the duration of 6 weeks, so you can start a profitable affiliate marketing business that I’ve already tested to work in niche markets.

Click the button below to secure your seat:

One Time Investment of Only $297 $197:


To coach my subscribers, I’ll be offering an additional $100 discount for the 6-Week Affiliate Coaching Program. So if you’re a newbie and haven’t achieve much affiliate marketing success in 2014 so far, here’s your chance to change that and start your own affiliate internet business successfully! Click the order button below to join at only $297 $197 today:



(You’ll get instant access to the first week’s training to get started!)

I look forward to revealing my affiliate marketing techniques and secrets to you.

Warmest regards,

Patric Chan

P.S: Look. For a one-time small investment of $297, it’s a steal if you know what kind of value you’re going to get from me. I’ve already taught thousands of students before, through my seminars, workshops and coaching programs – many of them are already making money online part-time and the majority are FULL-TIME.




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